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To be short and consistent: being born on 24.11.2000, today Deeplace is a privately-owned packaged and custom-made software company based in the Republic of Moldova and unites highly professional and creative people: competent managers with vast management experience, high-class programmers, designers, analysts and marketer. The company incorporates approximately 30 programmers and ICT specialists. Most employees have advanced degrees in software engineering, programming, and information management.

Our numbers

Numbers and money talk: during the period of our activity from the birth date till today, we have reached the following numbers:

  • 235 corporate sites
  • 80 sites for government agencies
  • 25 implementations of online banking systems
  • 35 sites for Moldova and international financial institutions
  • more than 1830 graphic design works (brand books etc.)
  • more than 25 online stores
  • more than 200 information systems for the commercial and public sectors
  • 30 information systems of national importance
  • 2 innovative systems based on Blockchain technology (UNDP Fleet management system and Gustos.life – Global wine ecosystem).

Our market positions

As per our own and our customers’ assessment - our current position on the market – is one of the leading software companies in Moldova. About 550 companies from Moldova are the customers of the Company. The key Company’s strongest IT market areas are as follows:

  • development of Internet/Intranet AISystems
  • development of online banking systems
  • development of Internet sites and portals

Our licenses and certificates

We have all the registration certificates and necessary business licenses to implement projects of any complexity. These registration and license certificates include:

  • licensing services for creation, implementation and assurance of the functioning of automated information systems;
  • certificate for Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015
  • certificate for Information security Management System ISO 27000:2013

Our main activity focus

The activity of our company is focused in the following directions (including but not limited to):

  • provide consultancy and technical assistance services in the field of ICT;
  • creation and implementation of automated information processing systems;
  • elaboration of systems for remote banking;
  • elaboration and delivery of Internet / Intranet systems and sites with provision of maintenance services, content management and hosting of implemented sites;
  • elaboration and implementation of the normative-legal and organizational-technical framework for the launch of the Corporate Information Security Management System;
  • competencies and Specializations: Business Processes and Integration Solutions, Customized Solutions (Infrastructure Creation, Web Development, Site Management), Data Solution;

Our software engineering approach

Our software engineering process fully complies with national and international standards (ISO 9001). In terms of functionality, our solutions include:

  • document management
  • web design (automatic collection, processing, and spreading of unstructured information)
  • content analysis (data mining)
  • online group collaboration
  • data collection
  • processing
  • storage
  • data analysis, reporting
  • business modeling processes
  • e-commerce

Our culture

Adults in many moments continue to be children: we believe in the unique abilities of each of us and create all conditions for revealing the abilities of each of our employees, both in the field of IT and in everyday life. Our mission and main values are to create conditions for the maximum disclosure of the abilities of our employees, both in terms of their professional implementation and personal developments: we salute both personal development in IT and other adjacent areas as well as generation of the personal innovative-startup ideas that we help to jointly materialize.

Our CSR approach

As to CSR, Deeplace's position fully coincides with the position of most of the socially responsible companies in Moldova and WW if not all. This position can be clearly and correctly voiced by stating as appropriate: “At its core, responsibility is about earning and sustaining the trust of the customers and partners we empower and the communities in which we live and work. Without trust, none of our progress is possible.

Our GDPR commitment

We officially confirm and commit that all our solutions are fully compliant with Moldova Data Privacy legislation as well as with European GDPR legislation thus allowing us and our customers to avoid any possible violation of respective local and international legislation's.

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