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Bank’s seminar

On June 3, 2008 in the conference hall of “Summit” took place seminar for the systems of the remote bank services.


Constancy is a trade sign, or again victory of Deeplace

On last Friday took place ceremony of rewording of winners of competition WEBTOP 2007 on April 18th, 2008.

From 11 declared nomination in 6 commands Deeplace has borrowed prize-winning places. The third year Deeplace is the best web-studio of year.

In details:

A nomination “Authority of public administration (central and local)”


Week of information technologies

On April 14th, 2008 in Chisinau Week of Information Technologies has been started. Within the limits of this week will pass following actions: BIT+, exhibition Cominfo’2008, ceremony of rewording of the best web-site WEB-TOP. Deeplace accepts active participation in all listed actions. All wishing and were interested it is invited:       


Have you ever heard of "Excellent, but bad?"

Our company was really moved today.  This day will certainly remain as an important event for Deeplace.
 - I cannot accept your work.  It is too good for me! - exclaimed one of our clients today.
This can be taken in different ways.  Nevertheless, something remains


New version of the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova

A new version of the National Bank website, ]]>]]>, developed by Deeplace, was recently launched.
The website conforms to all the requirements set towards State organizations: Government decision no. 668 of 19.06.2006 and the Order of the Ministry of Information Development no.46/33 of 17.04.2007.

 The website features functional elements like:


“Bank-client” system implemented in the national treasuries of RM

On January 1, 2008, the Treasuries of the Republic of Moldova had to transfer the account servicing from commercial banks to the Treasuries.  Consequently, there occurred a need to implement a “Bank-client” system for remote banking services of the Regional Tresuries with the use of digital signature. 

It was also necessary to ensure:


An Automated Financial System for the Ministry of Finance of Moldova

At the request of the Ministry of Finances of the Republic of Moldova, Deeplace has developed and implemented an automated financial system.
The system allows state institutions that project their own financial plans, to elaborate and print out financial plans, to implement bar codes, which contain the all the important information.


Deeplace ISSP has been named the best IT company of year 2006 at the National IT-Technologies Awards Ceremony WebTop 2006

On April 24, 2007 the National Theatre “Eminescu” hosted the ]]>2006 WEBTOP]]> ceremony, the national Information Technolgoies awards.  Unlike the past years, the main contest jury was composed of Moldovan and international experts from the Urkaine, the USA, Russia, and Romania.
According to the results of the contest, Deeplace has won 8 prizes in different categories:

”Central Public Authorities”: