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A new project in the company's portfolio

We are currently involved in a communication projects of hydro electrical power plants in Tajikistan


Официальную веб-страницу НАРЭКИТ посещают все больше пользователей

Количество уникальных пользователей, посетивших в 2012 г. официальную веб-страницу Национального агентства по регулированию в области электронных коммуникаций и информационных технологий (НАРЭКИТ - ]]>]]>) увеличилось, по сравнению с 2011 годом, более чем в два раза: от 38,8 тыс. в 2011 г. до 80 тыс. в 2012 г., а общее количество посетителей сайта – на 44%: от 107,9 тыс. до 155,3 тыс.


Project completion for the National Commission of Financial Market

Deeplace Company proudly announces successful completion of a big and complex project developed for the National Securities Depository, which was implemented under the National Commission of Financial Market. The donor is the Project Implementation Unit of the World Bank.


Another won tender was added to Deeplace portfolio

Our team won the tender for the Informational System development for the National Council for State Guaranteed Legal Aid - ]]>]]>

The system is designed for internal use by the CNAJGS employees system and is used for:

1. Entering the information about the requests of those seeking legal assistance;

2. Maintaining a national registry of persons providing legal assistance;

3. Appointing a lawyer to provide competent legal assistance, including emergency legal assistance;

4. Entering information on the work done by lawyers;


"Internet Client" system in ProCredit Bank

Recently, Deeplace Company implemented the new "Internet-Client” system into the ProCredit Bank’s one, which provides corporate customers the following facilities: to receive current information about your account status, transfer simple and treasury credit orders in lei to the bank for execution, currency transactions, buy and sell currency orders, receive statements in various forms and formats, as well as other information from the bank. Also, the system allows to exchange with coded messages of arbitrary size between the customer and the bank.


E-declaration system

On April 2, 2009 at the exhibition "Cominfo 2009" a round table "Services On-line: tax returns on the Internet" was organized.
Since the start of "E-declarations" system, 54 declaration was filed by legal entities and 9 by natural persons.


8 years - childhood ended long ago!

Eight years for business - far from childhood, and we understand it, when we list the names of our customers, the number of tenders won, prizes, awards and diplomas.
On November 27, DEEPLACE team celebrates its 8 th anniversary. Congratulations to all of us, all those who at various times worked with us, and all our clients (current and potential)!


IT-MARK - what is this and how it be helpful for us?

In August, 2008 DEEPLACE has passed the quality audit observance according to the international standard IT-Mark.
IT-Mark is the first international business and technical process of service certification. This certificate confirms the quality and professional level in regards to following services:
- business management
- information security management
- system and program processes

The certification is aimed at small and middle-scale business.
IT-Mark certificate advantages:


Prospects for the software development industry in Moldova

The company of Deeplace together with the PR –agency of ParcCommunication was conducted the round-table meeting of the prospects for the development of the software branch of Moldova.
The meeting took place on June 10 2008 in the conference hall «Summit».
At the meeting were invited the members of the club of the economic mass-media (press) of Moldova and television channel «TV-7».
In front of journalists had been  appeared: