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6th floor, 2 Negruzzi blvd., MD 2001, Chisinau, Moldova

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Deeplace: Efficiency analysis of business promotion on the Internet.

The VIII-th International specialized exhibition of advertising products, PR technologies and services “Reclama. Design ‘2006” will take place between 8th and 11th November 2006, in the International Exhibitions Center “MoldExpo”. During this exhibition, at 11:30 AM on 9th of November 2006, Kunev Veaceslav, director of the DEEPLACE company will hold a seminar entitled “Efficiency analysis of business promotion on the Internet”.
All interested parties are invited.


We built until we did it!

We built until we did it! This is a slogan written on the ]]>]]> website. We „built” websites, but we managed to build an office. On June 15, 2006 „Deeplace” moved into a new office. A modern, confortable, full of light office.

It was impressive to watch how during 10 months an empty place was transformed into a nice building. The paint on the walls reminds „chocolate” and „orange”. It was exciting to go through catalogues with stylish furniture and then through specialized stores in search of window shutters called „The tea ceremony”.