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"Internet Client" system in ProCredit Bank

Recently, Deeplace Company implemented the new "Internet-Client” system into the ProCredit Bank’s one, which provides corporate customers the following facilities: to receive current information about your account status, transfer simple and treasury credit orders in lei to the bank for execution, currency transactions, buy and sell currency orders, receive statements in various forms and formats, as well as other information from the bank. Also, the system allows to exchange with coded messages of arbitrary size between the customer and the bank.

"Internet Client" system allows you to import payment documents formed in the accounting system (for example, 1C-Accounting) and export into the accounting system of statements received from the Bank.

We have to note the absolute ease of installation. When the client receives from the bank the main distribution disk and electronic keys, it is the enough to only setup the program on any computer. One minute later, the client is ready to work and there are no manual settings.

The "Internet Banking" system has a familiar and intuitive interface. The client, using a computer (running Windows) which is connected to the Internet and with the help of a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, version no lower than IE6) can access the HTTPS protocol to the bank's Web server. The Client’s and the Bank’s authentication shall be made by using an OpenSSL cryptographic package. Upon successful authentication, the Client starts the work session with the bank's Web server.

The legal significance of the "Internet Banking» system is provided by the following basic principles: between the Client and Bank shall be signed a contract that defines their relationship and reflects problems and conflict situations with determining the main functions of the system, signed by physical signatures and stamps of the parties. The key point of such a contract is the concept of the Electronic Digital Signature of the Bank and the Client.

Signature and coding of the Client and Bank documents, as well as all http-traffic from the Client to the Bank and back is carried out with the help of the keys and certificates placed in key media such as USB-key.