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E-declaration system

On April 2, 2009 at the exhibition "Cominfo 2009" a round table "Services On-line: tax returns on the Internet" was organized.
Since the start of "E-declarations" system, 54 declaration was filed by legal entities and 9 by natural persons.
Participants of the event declared that the fee for receiving electronic keys and digital signature devices repel natural persons from the "E-declarations" system. Also, the procedure for obtaining a digital signature is a complex one. According to some participants of the round-table discussion, the State should partially or fully subsidize the issuance of electronic key and digital signature devices. It is also necessary to exempt from the digital signature devices fee only the natural persons at the expense of economic agents, which have more resources.
Participants at the "round table" suggested to simplify the registration procedure in the "E-declarations" through the automatic provision of user name and password on receipt of the public electronic key and a digital signature device.
The project "E-declarations" was initiated by UNDP and the Government of Moldova, which has invested 50% of the necessary amount - about 2 million lei. Also, UNDP has provided technical assistance in implementing the system. To send the tax reports through the Internet , natural and legal persons must obtain the public key certificate at the Certification public key center within the "Special Telecommunications Center" state enterprise.