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IT-MARK - what is this and how it be helpful for us?

In August, 2008 DEEPLACE has passed the quality audit observance according to the international standard IT-Mark.
IT-Mark is the first international business and technical process of service certification. This certificate confirms the quality and professional level in regards to following services:
- business management
- information security management
- system and program processes

The certification is aimed at small and middle-scale business.
IT-Mark certificate advantages:
- Increasing business efficiency (both technical and management aspect)
- Eventual IT market expansion
- The service quality allows companies to cooperate with various clients.

As the company was preparing for auditing, a series of seminars and internal audit was performed.
After the examination of documents describing the company processes and testing the knowledge of the employees in the sphere, the auditors announced DEEPLACE IT-Mark certified.
On 30 October the certificate was handed over to Mr. Cunev, director of the company Deeplace.