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New version of the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova

A new version of the National Bank website, ]]>]]>, developed by Deeplace, was recently launched.
The website conforms to all the requirements set towards State organizations: Government decision no. 668 of 19.06.2006 and the Order of the Ministry of Information Development no.46/33 of 17.04.2007.

 The website features functional elements like:

  • search according to the relevance of request;
  • generating reports on the balance of payment;
  • RSS feed subscription.

As the website was developed, we have performed an analysis of similar websites in order to take into account advanced experience of other states in this field. Full information regarding the National Bank of Moldova, and the banking system in the country, displayed in three languages — Russian, Romanian and English will, undoubtedly, be of great use for business communities in Moldova and abroad.

The company would like to express gratitude to all the representatives of the National Bank of Moldova, invloved in developing the project for high professionalism and competence displayed during that period.