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Implementation of the remote banking system BS – Client in Moldova Agroindbank

The system is composed of three sub-systems:

  • Bank-client,
  • Internet-client,
  • Telefon-client.

The implementation of the system implied a lot of work in order to comply with the Bank’s request, to integrate the system in the Bank’s information system, to optimize the procedure of clients connecting to the system and many others.
The implementation of the DBD BS – Client will allow the bank to extend the range of electronic services delivered by the bank, will contribute to delivering services to large companies and holdings.
The crypto support and the digital signature are provided by the Dekart RSA Cryptographic Provider.  Implementing the Dekart RSA Cryptographic Provider allows the bank clients to keep the digital signature password on any electronic bearers: floppy disk, CD, Flash-card, token, and others.  This provides a high-level security in electronic documents management.
System development will allow expanding the range of electronic services, thus responding promptly to the bank clients’ request.