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Deeplace at the International Forum IFIN 2007 regarding remote financial services and technologies

DSC09338.jpg The International Forum IFIN 2007 dedicated to remote financial services and technologies took place in Moscow during February 20-21.  It became a tradition for Deeplace to take part at this Forum.  During the Forum Deeplace held a common seminar with the English company Tricerion.  The seminar was about “Anti-fishing and anti-hacking protection of the Internet banking system with the use of SMA Tricerion.”
This was the first seminar dedicated to fishing and hacking problems of the on-line financial applications, which draw a lot of attention from the banks.  At the moment, the losses caused by the fishing and hacking attacks represent a real threat for the development of the information and online financial system.
For those interested Deeplace made a presentation of the anti-fishing procedure having as a real example the internet banking system of Victoriabank, Moldova.