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6th floor, 2 Negruzzi blvd., MD 2001, Chisinau, Moldova



New work – site for “Laurus” company

We present new work – site of “Laurus” company.

Style of all site, its elements, details, images could call exclusive.

Presentation of company production. It is divided on five thematic blocks:“Cups”, “Statuettes”, “Medals”, “Souvenirs”, and “Specific emblems”. Each block makes visitor to linger on page for a long time for viewing excellent pictured production elements and many attractive drafts.

Only block “Cups” consists more than 60 images and 190 unique cup outlines. And this all is handmade work. Opportunity of enlarging cup image (till 220%) is worthy of notice. However, cup drafts don’t yield to cup. For exact sizes and proportionality drafts shows production reality, in which many Internet sites need, just in smaller scale. This fact could serves as prerequisites of company Laurus success.

Blocks “Statuettes” and “Medals” also present broad spectrum of company production and enrapture visitor by it variety. When visitor falls into block “Souvenirs” touching feeling of material, in which goods were made (silver, glass, granite, bronze, velvet), is created.

Specific emblems attract by its reality. Each emblem with dignity reflect character. And artist skill plays first fiddle.

Section “Catalog order” gives visitor opportunity to order any production by infill simple order form.

Order volume you could find in section “Work geography”, which favorably shows compwny scale – more than 150 cities.